DIVA ROSS! How I met and recorded a Legend

Some moments from the video of DIVAS DIED by DIVA ROSS (Jamillah Ross)

I recently had the pleasure to work with the legendary Diva Ross on her new single and video DIVAS DIED! (But I’m Still Alive). I was truly honoured since I believe the Diva to be one of the foremost artists of this century and parts of the previous century.

I was introduced to the Diva by her manager at a Toronto airport V.I.P. lounge. I was on my way to New York and The Diva was fuelling up on vodka before her flight to Las Vegas. According to her manager the Diva had been afraid to fly ever since Aaliyah had died in a plane crash. (Watch the video HERE —->DIVAS DIED! (But I’m Still Alive)

vlcsnap-2016-04-08-14h30m24s990 copy.jpg
Diva Ross making a comment about over eating

“I want to be drunk if I meet God today,” she mumbled as she sat across from me 30 minutes before her flight. I have to admit I found her to be even more charming and beautiful in person. I told her that I was a songwriter and filmmaker and that I would love to produce a song for her and possibly direct the video. She mumbled something incoherently that sounded like “You don’t know me,” and then she dismissed me with her hand.

The cover of Divas Died (but I’m Still Alive)

A few weeks went by and I heard nothing until one night I received a call from the Diva’s manager at 1:00 AM. She was in a hospital in Toronto. He said she wanted to see me right away and then he asked me not to alert the press. I was confused. Why me? I wasn’t a friend or family member. I was surprised she remembered me at all. I got out of my pyjamas and drove to the hospital. Her manager told me the Diva had overdosed. I asked what she had taken and he shook his head and said, “Everything.”

The Diva was in good spirits when she saw me finally. She told me she had a vision while she was in her coma. She had scribbled down some notes for a song idea. It was called DIVAS DIED. In her coma she claimed to have seen many dead Divas: Whitney, Donna Summer, Rita McNeil. I said it might help with the Canadian Content rules if we include Rita McNeil’s name in the song. More airplay!

Diva3 copy.jpg
Diva Ross has a serious drinking problem

That afternoon we shared lyric ideas and rhymes. When I got up to leave the Diva took my hand, looked me in the eye and asked me if I could score some coke for her.

We recorded DIVAS DIED on the Diva’s yacht in a Toronto Island harbour a few weeks later. She has a fully functioning recording studio inside the yacht with a hot tub. However, the Diva insisted on singing the song while in the hot tub. This led to several arguments with her since the sound of the water jets kept coming through on the microphone. She just kept yelling “THIS IS MY ART WHITE MAN!” I found it hard to argue with her about this point and I was frightened most of the time I worked with her.

A few weeks later we began shooting the video on the Toronto Beaches. We got up early one morning after sleeping overnight in the yacht. The Diva looked exquisite with the morning sun beaming on her beautiful face. I think this is some of the best photography I have ever done. We filmed some other parts of the video using a mirror in the yacht. But the Diva kept insisting on snorting coke off of it which caused some problems.


In the end I think we made a wonderful song and video together. I recently saw The Diva at an awards ceremony and when I approached her she asked me who I was. I reminded her of the song and video and she just stared at me blankly. I then asked her if she would be interested in having a documentary about her life made. She knocked back her drink and said “I AM DOCUMENTARY!” and then she walked away. I didn’t really understand what she meant but I think I may be onto something.
DIVA ROSS hosts SheSketchProv for The SHE DOT FESTIVAL on APRIL 30th 2016 at The COMEDY BAR at 10PM! She will be singing DIVAS DIED (But I’m Still Alive)



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