The After Party Prince Concert in London England, Sept. 13,2007 Indigo2

I’m so sad about Prince. Have felt shell shocked ever since I heard the news. But he left me with so many wild and crazy memories and seemingly endless hours of music. Whenever you miss him just put his music on.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
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In 2007 Sean Fisher and Jamillah Ross traveled in Europe from London England to Morocco in Africa. The following is an excerpt from Sean Fisher’s personal journal of this one-month journey.

September 12, 2007

London, England

In September of this year (2007) Prince played 21 sold out dates at London’s O2 arena, which holds 20,000 people. That means he played to 420,000 people for this engagement alone. That is a ridiculously high number and it is a testament to how much more popular Prince is in Europe as compared to North America. I’m trying to imagine Prince accomplishing the same thing anywhere in North America.

In addition to this, Prince also held an after party every single night in a smaller venue next to the O2 called the Indigo2. Jamillah and I were unable to get tickets to the concerts but…

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