From Sean Fisher’s musical play A FREUDIAN SLIP OF THE JUNG.


A FREUDIAN SUITE of the JUNG (Click Above Link) is a combination of all of the original background music from Sean Fisher’s 2010 play A FREUDIAN SLIP OF THE JUNG (Copyright 2009). These instrumentals make up the foundation of the music for the newly written musical of the same name. The comedic play is about Dr. Carl Jung and his intense relationship with Sigmund Freud.

The video for A FREUDIAN SUITE of the JUNG captures all of the fun and hard work that went into the original production. More importantly it outlines the history of the show and how it won Patron’s Pick at The 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival, went on to The Best of the Fringe (Uptown and Downtown) and finally was work shopped as a musical at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (2011).

A Freudian Slip of the Jung - Best of the Fringe Uptown
 A Freudian Slip of the Jung Poster BEST OF THE FRINGE

I would also like to credit the fantastic photographer who took the still shots of us on stage. Her name is Karyl Agana (I forgot to mention her in the video). Publicity photos were taken by Tracey Nolan and artwork is by Kurt Firla.

Bruce Hunter (Good Will Hunting; Mean Girls) directed the original show which starred David Frisch as Dr.Carl Jung, Moira Dunphy as Martha Freud, Denise Mader as Minna and Sean Fisher (that’s me) as Sigmund Freud. The stage manager was Kara Evelyn and Costume Design was by Samantha Aylsworth.

A FREUDIAN SLIP of the JUNG was the third award winning Fringe play I had produced and music directed. The first was PLAN LIVE FROM OUTER SPACE (2006) which was a spoof of the worst movie ever made Plan 9 From Outer Space

Canadian Comedy Award Winner

Plan LIVE From Outer Space won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Comedic Play. My co-producers were Jim Taylor and Aurora Browne (pictured above). I also music directed the show and played the second Bela Lugosi (a dream come true).

BEST of the FRINGE Canadian Comedy Award Winner

The second show I produced and music directed at The Toronto Fringe was SHOW STOPPING NUMBER: THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL. This troupe first started in early 2007 at The Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto. We then went to the Toronto Fringe where we moved on to The BEST OF THE FRINGE. We then won a Canadian Comedy Award.

I should mention that the first run of the show was also co-produced by Jan Caruana and she also directed the show. But the Fringe show I produced and music directed on my own (with the help of some of the most brilliant improvisers in the city if not the country). I would like to add that this concept and similar titles have been used many times since this show first started. But the history shows which one came first.

A FREUDIAN SLIP of the JUNG was my first written play and the first of these three that I actually starred in. I did have bit parts in the other two but I was mostly chained behind the keyboard like some sort of organ grinder monkey. I’m a performer as much as I am a musician.

This year I am also releasing several other videos of A FREUDIAN SLIP of the JUNG THE MUSICAL which now stars Bruce Hunter as Dr. Carl Jung and Jamillah Ross as Minna. See you soon!

A FREUDIAN SLIP OF THE JUNG: THE MUSICAL with Jamillah Ross, Sean Fisher, Moira Dunphy and Bruce Hunter





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