Well I didn’t really go anywhere, but I made my blog private about six years ago. Some of the posts were too personal and I felt the need to withdraw. I’ve been very active on Twitter (@sugajam) and that forced me to be more concise. So I intend to be less long winded in the future with my reviews and opinions.

I would like to announce some exciting upcoming news. This year I am releasing some of the new songs from my musical A FREUDIAN SLIP of the JUNG, which has already had a successful life as a play (Patron’s Pick; Best of the Fringe). Here is the new poster and some photography by Tracey Nolan!

Graphic design by Kurt Firla
Clockwise from top left: Jamillah Ross, Sean Fisher, Bruce Hunter and Moira Dunphy

I look forward to releasing the first of many video previews for the new musical starting on March 1, 2016.

I also felt it was important to keep my blog history of SHOW STOPPING NUMBER: The IMPROVISED MUSICAL which won a Canadian Comedy Award and went on to the Best of the Fringe. There are many recent imitators but there was only one real SHOW STOPPING NUMBER. Sometimes I feel some people are trying to erase the history of this show and I feel it was a very innovative and the history needs to be protected.

Hope you are all having a fantastic year!

That’s all for now.

See you soon

Suga Jam


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