The Parking Ticket Line-up Helps Make My Day

Hi there! Am I ruining your day?
Hi there! Am I ruining your day?

Hey what is more irritating than getting a parking ticket when you have the proper parking permit? I’ll tell you what…WAITING IN THE LINE-UP TO SET YOUR COURT DATE THAT’S WHAT!

Okay I’ll put my writing back into small caps. I don’t want to scare anybody after all. No, I’ll leave that to the creepy guy I had to stand behind for twenty minutes. Whenever I see a white man with a shaved head I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not a scary skinhead.

However, tattooed to this guy’s neck were the words WAR PATH with a red iron cross in the middle. The energy in this line is always edgy. The non-conformist comes out in almost everybody. People that would normally be good citizens start angrily questioning why they are paying taxes and start talking about revolution. The skinhead seemed particularly miffed. When he saw that the guy in front of him had a handful of about twenty tickets he said, “I would wait for the parking guy with a baseball bat!”

The guy with the handful of tickets calmly said, “Oh I don’t know about that. It’s not just one person you know.”

Skinhead: “Yeah, well I would find out who is putting most of them on my windshield and I would wait for them with a baseball bat. I mean why not? He’s taking food off your table.”

At this point, aside from being afraid for my life, I was also kind of glad I was going to be able to witness what was going to happen when this guy went to the bullet proof glass to talk to the parking tag bureaucrats. Because the only reason they are there is to say no to you.

Finally he was called and he went to the window. Oh boy this is gonna be good, I thought. Prepare for DRAMA!. But he just calmly and politely paid his ticket and then he was off. In fact, out of everyone who went to the window he was the most well behaved. I guess he saved all of his anger for the line-up. Lucky us.

So I just want to thank the Toronto Parking authority for bringing Torontonians together who would not normally be anywhere near each other.


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