Rosie vs. Elisabeth – Elisabeth should apologize on air

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I am finding myself pretty angry at one of my favorite shows The View. I have watched The View on and off since the show began. I know I’m not necessarily the target market of the show (straight white male in his 30s) but I am endlessly fascinated by this show. I think I find something comforting in the sound of women talking.

Of course there was nothing comforting or relaxing about last weeks feud between Rosie and Elisabeth. I admire Rosie for bringing up the number 655,000 (total number of Iraqis killed since the war began). I think that this number is very troubling for Christian war supporters like Elisabeth. I heard this number several months ago in the Canadian media. I was surprised that it wasn’t mentioned more, or even at all, by the American media. I didn’t hear that number again until Rosie said it on the air on Monday – two days before the infamous blow up that led to Rosie’s quick departure.

Indeed the whole argument that made Rosie leave was centered around that number. The New York Times article that ran the story of Rosie leaving the View still somehow managed to avoid using this troubling number revealing that even the so called liberal media is afraid to really challenge this war.

The reason the number is troubling is because there is now no way that the Iraq war can ever be won. The number itself is the final proof of failure. There can no longer be any justification of humanity in this war. There is no liberation or freedom in that number. The Bush administration did not make it safer for the Iraqi people – period.

Elisabeth’s only defense against the simple truth of this brutal number was to try to paint Rosie as someone who did not support the troops. But crazy Elisabeth went even further and “insinuated” that Rosie was calling the troops themselves terrorists. In the face of the undeniable and terrible truth Elisabeth took the cowardly route of painting her friend as un-American. This is McCarthy era fear-mongering politics that Elisabeth was using.

I do not mean to be so overtly political, but I really do think that this exact conversation is going on all over America. And probably only in America because only America could produce someone like Elisabeth. Elisabeth calls herself a Christian but I do not know how someone can call themselves a Christian and somehow think that the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people was right.

Rosie also pointed out the fact that the media would use her looks and sexual preference against her while playing on Elisabeth’s good looks and blondeness, a point accentuated by the fact that they used the split screen. Rosie, in her online blog, said that when she saw the split screen out of the corner of her eye she knew it was over. In fact it wasn’t even Fox News or Ann Coulter who exploited this – it was The View itself. There is no doubt (to me anyway) that Elisabeth is a nice looking woman, but her words are ugly.

On Monday (Memorial Day) they showed a previously recorded show where Rosie and Elisabeth were the best of friends. It was Elisabeth’s taped Birthday show. It would figure that her birthday would be on that day. She probably thinks she was born to bring her patriotic message. Anyway, Rosie called Elisabeth beautiful and Elisabeth told Rosie that she was her idol. Rosie invited Elisabeth and Tim to her Miami residence. The show ended with Rosie and Elisabeth eating cake and hugging each other under the confetti. It was really sad to watch this knowing that only days later they would split apart so publicly. The View may seem trivial to most, but I think that the friendship these two women shared reveals how this war is tearing America apart.

There is also a part of me that admires Rosie and her ability to draw attention to herself. She wrote a Haiku poem that suggested that her experience at The View was like a painting and she now needed to step away from it. I think part of this crazy departure may have been pre-planned. I think Rosie’s strategy was to befriend Elisabeth before getting into politics with her. Then, after she had solidified the friendship she would start challenging Elisabeth’s position on the war on the air. I think Rosie was hoping to change Elisabeth, but when Elisabeth questioned Rosie’s patriotism it was too far for Elisabeth to go. In leaving the show Rosie belittled Elisabeth and her pointless war position publicly. What better way to underline your position on the war then by quitting so publicly? The show will also suffer in the ratings and the blame falls on Elisabeth who obviously should have stayed in the Australian outback.

I do not mean to imply that the whole thing was scripted. I think Rosie was improvising her way through it all, but when it came down to the brass tax she decided to make a huge point on her way out – which she did very successfully.

I was hoping that I was going to hear an apology on air from Elisabeth Tuesday morning. There was no apology. The hard right stays its course. I was happy to see Whoopi as Rosie’s replacement, but even Whoopi looked like she wasn’t sure she wanted to be there.

So perhaps I’ll finally stop watching The View. One of the last things Rosie talked about on that show was how there weren’t any feminist heroes anymore. I think she needs to look in the mirror. She’s the feminist anti-heroe – crotch grabbing, loud and angry and thank God for that. The View is over as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for ruining it Elisabeth.


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